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‘Teaching Naked’

[To comment:] This was first published in 2012. It rings true today and into the future.  Larry Litwin, APR “Teaching naked.” It’s not what you think. It’s an innovative and legitimate, but far from new, teaching philosophy. It’s a look at the recent past — a throwback. It challenges everything we’ve come to believe […]

11 Experts Predict the Future of Content Marketing in 2018

[To comment:] From Inc.   Reaching the members of your audience through a content-cluttered landscape — and their ad blockers — will be harder than ever in 2018. Fortunately, there are new technologies and techniques that can help.    By John Hall CEO and co-founder, Influence & Co.@johnhall Marketing moves fast, and working in this […]

10 ways to identify a fake job posting

[To comment: larry@] From the Dec. 10, 2017 issue of the Courier-Post comes this important advice from BY PETER JONES THEJOBNETWORK The job market is hard enough to navigate without having to worry about a job posting that turns out to be a scam — or even just a dead end. Save your precious time […]

Tips to Succeed: Marketing yourself online

[To comment:] From Larry’s More ABCs of Strategic Communication (check it out on the website)… 1. Don’t lie – Whether on a resume, application or personal website, make sure facts about you are accurate. 2. Be professional – For college or job applications, use a simple e-mail address with your name or initials that […]

A potpourri – From ‘USA Today’

[To comment:] Some “USA Snapshots” from USA Today. It gets full credit. 41 percent of Americans cannot tell the difference between secure and unsecured Wi-Fi, but still take questionable actions (Norton by Symantec survey of 1,002 consumer One in 14 computer users fall for phishing — being tricked into following a link or opening an […]

AP Stylebook Updates: Singular ‘They’ Now Acceptable

[To comment:] This blog comes from one of my all-time favorites, Grammar Girl: Although the new print edition won’t be out until May 31, 2017, the Associated Press sent out an email update announcing that these changes are effective immediately. By  Mignon Fogarty,  Grammar Girl March 24, 2017 Every year, editors announce big stylebook changes […]

Amazon Marketing — and Litwin is included.

[To comment:] Amazon has stepped up its marketing and has invited me to participate. Check out all of M. Larry Litwin’s books. The reviews are terrific. Thank you everyone. Visit: [To comment:] [ canada viagra pharmacies scam | viagra from india | viagra buy | viagra with no prescription | viagra best price […]

5 Easy Ways To Enhance Communication at Work — Communication Strategies from “Entrepreneur”

[To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com] This week’s blog comes from: Dale Carnegie Training Newsletter Anita Zinsmeister, President — Dale Carnegie® Training of Central & Southern New Jersey  By  HAN-GWON LUNG CONTRIBUTOR Co-founder of Tailored Ink There’s a fantastic video on YouTube of babies vigorously talking to one another. It’s impossible to watch that video […]

Protect your kids’ IDs — FRAUD

[To comment:] From The Detroit Free Press comes this story by Zlati Meyer on Aug. 29. They wear helmets. They’re told not to play with matches. They’re warned not to talk to strangers. But this is one crime it’s tough to protect them from. Children are the newest victims of identity fraud — and sometimes, they […]

10 Tips for new professionals

[To comment:] From PRSA’s May 2016 issue of Tactics. Credit Sara Cullin, APR — a writer, editor and social media manager in Cincinatti. Follow her @ saracullin on Twitter. Says Sara Cullin: “Have a plan or road map for accomplishing your goals. Here are 10 ways you can embrace the challenges and opportunities your’re bound to […]