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Media jobs — They are shifting

[To comment:] From the Associated Press (AP) on April 3, 2017 comes this story: Washington: More than half of the jobs at US newspapers have disappeared since 2001, with a large portion of the losses offset by employment gains at internet firms, government figures showed Monday. The data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed […]

AP Stylebook Updates: Singular ‘They’ Now Acceptable

[To comment:] This blog comes from one of my all-time favorites, Grammar Girl: Although the new print edition won’t be out until May 31, 2017, the Associated Press sent out an email update announcing that these changes are effective immediately. By  Mignon Fogarty,  Grammar Girl March 24, 2017 Every year, editors announce big stylebook changes […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Public Relations Professional?

[To comment:]   A couple of years back, one of my Wilmington University students interviewed me for her Mass Communication course. Krista Fowler has launched her personal website to showcase her portfolio as she perpares to enter the “real world.” Here is the link to her inaugural blog: or: (you […]

Amazon Marketing — and Litwin is included.

[To comment:] Amazon has stepped up its marketing and has invited me to participate. Check out all of M. Larry Litwin’s books. The reviews are terrific. Thank you everyone. Visit: [To comment:] [ free sample offers in canada | viagra recipes | viagra pfizer canada | viagra canada generic | viagra contraindications | […]

From a frustrated (former) broadcast journalist

[To comment:] Two questions I have because I’ve yet to hear a journalist (on- or off-the-record) ask Sean Spicer or anyone in the White House:   1. If Congress investigates POTUS charge that President Obama tapped his phones, would Mr. Trump, when asked (under oath) reveal his source(s) or will he plead the Fifth? […]

A guide to weird words your teen uses

[To comment:] This from USA Today. Well worth a read. “The times they are a changin” and society had better catch up — at least those of us who teach teens and millennials. [To comment:]     [ herbal alternative viagra | female viagra cream | ladies viagra | pfizer female viagra | […]

Emergencies happen — here’s how to be prepared

[To comment:] As warmer weather approaches, more travelers will be hitting the road, rails and airways. Not long ago, The Philadelphia Inquirer carried some hints from Shary Nassimi, creator of the UrgentCall emergency service mobile app. She offers Seven Ways to Be Prepared for a Travel Emergency: Give your loved ones your emergency contact information. Carry your […]

Cover Letters — are they less important?

[To comment:] According to USA Today, only 26 percent of recruiters consider cover letters important. I respectfully disagree. Continue using pithy and effectivecover letters or cover emails. To help you please visit my website under Student Resources… (copy and paste) [To comment:]   [ best price for generic viagra | cheapest sildenafil citrate […]

3 tricks for improving your body language in the office

[To comment:] Your mother was right: Slouching makes you look bad. By Vanessa Van Edwards, Monster contributor (The Philadelphia Inquirer — Feb. 12, 2017) Up to 93% of our communication is nonverbal. This means that our body language, facial expressions and other nonverbal behavior is even more important than our verbal content. Yet most people don’t […]

CHECKLIST: Improve you credit score

[To comment:] Consumer Reports suggests the following to improve credit scores in the long run. Sign up for automatic bill payment. A late bill can make your credit score drop by as much as 100 points. Watch the timing of your spending, especially if you plan to apply for a loan. The lower the […]