Strategic Communication

Getting Ahead

July 31, 2016
PR Trends

[To comment:] Just could not pass this up. I have to share it with you. This ran in The …Read the Rest

College care packages

July 24, 2016

[To comment:] Nine in 10 college students still want snail mail even in the digital age. That, according to …Read the Rest

Tips for developing your personal brand

July 17, 2016
PR Trends

[To comment:] CareerBuilder’s Matt Tarpey offers these tips: Identify your passion Prepare an elevator speech (See Larry Litwin’s The Public …Read the Rest

10 worst-paying college majors

July 17, 2016
Public Relations News

[To comment:] According to, these are the 10 worst-paying college majors during 2014-2015 with starting salary and mid-career …Read the Rest

Intern to employee

July 3, 2016
PR Trends

[To comment:] According to Accenture Strategy — a survey of 1,001 college graduates from 2013-2014 — 47 percent say …Read the Rest

Fireworks laws by state — Stay safe this 4th

June 26, 2016

[To comment:] Enjoy this Independence Day. Check out the laws and do not do anything foolish.  [To comment: …Read the Rest

‘Money (Mag)’ — Will it get positive action? What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2016

June 19, 2016

[To comment:] offers this advice when crafting your resume: “Drop these skills from your resume.” These tips plus …Read the Rest

Strategies: Bookstores show small biz how it’s done

June 5, 2016
Public Relations News

[To comment:] (From Rhonda Abrams — Special for USA Today) Independent bookstores are a dying breed, right? Amazon and ebooks …Read the Rest

Salaries and grads

May 22, 2016

[To comment:] (From USA Today) College seniors — 42 percent of them — expect to earn more than $50,000 at …Read the Rest

Impress employers with creative questions

May 8, 2016

[To comment:] (From Mary Lorenz — CareerBuilder) Here are what leading career coaches identify as their favorite interview questions …Read the Rest