Voice of authority


That voice is deep and in command. people who have a deeper voice are perceived as having more authority.

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  • Instead of straining your vocal cords, try standing up when talking on the phone. It changes your energy flow.
  • Shift your weight to one foot and your voice will drop one octave and sound richer and fuller.
  • If you are talking in person, remember to not cross your arms or legs. It decreases listening skills by 38 percent and makes the person you are meeting with feel blocked off.


Student Loans


44 percent of those with student loan debt are not aware that nonprofits offer free or low-cost counseling for borrowers. (Source: NeighborWorks America survey of 1,000 U.S. adults.)


Some issues ‘older’ workers face in the job hunt

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  • You’re overqualified
  • We need someone tech savvy in this role
  • WE are looking for someone who can grow in this role
  • We are looking for a specialist
  • We just don’t have any senior-level openings

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More on resumes

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  • More than one page is recommended unless you do not have sufficient experience and education to fill the space. Do not “pad” the content. You will be flagged (by H.R.) immediately.
  • Pick a flexible format. I like traditional. But now, there are many. Do not commit “vampire creativity. That’s where the format overwhelms the message — or sucks the blood out of it.
  • Edit, edit and edit some more. No grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax or sentence structure errors. Accuracy is paramount. Better writing through self edition. That’s what Professor Frank Grazian always taught his students — and I do, too.
  • “Tweak” the experience points.

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4 questions to ask during YOUR job or internship interview

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  1. “How would you describe the culture here in the office and the workplace?”
  2. “What’s been your favorite part about working for this company?”
  3. “What experience best prepared you for working here?”
  4. “How would you describe the leadership style here?”

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