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Entries for November, 2011

Litwin’s Hall of Fame Speech

To comment: I was inducted into the South Jersey Baseball Hall of Fame on Nov. 26, 2011. A number of readers have asked that I post my acceptance speech. While there were “on the fly” changes, here is the essence of my comments: Congratulations to all of the inductees, the All-South Jersey team, scholarship […]

Looking for job? Take advantage of holiday season

Kaitlin Madden of CareerBuilder, has some advice about making the most of holiday parties.  To comment: She says, “Create connections that lead to future job opportunities.” First of all, Madden suggests “being friendly with those you meet. They may provide important connections or job leads later on.” Madden lists these five tips: 1. Find a […]

Disturbing week

[To comment:] With the losses of Andy Rooney and the champ, Joe Frazier, and the horrendous news coming out of State College, last week was a “down” week for many.  I have communicated with many reporters and with my students — even devoting classes to the Penn State case study and how NOT to approach a […]

Herman Cain — Lack of response

To comment: Larry Litwin’s The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook clearly lays out what one should do when faced with a crisis. In response to GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain’s mishandling of facts and accusations, this is what experts say. The advice parallels The PR Playbook’s Chapter 14 — Crisis Communications. This shifting story is […]