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Crisis Communication: Communicate early and often

[To comment:] • Contact the media before they contact you. • Communicate internally first, then externally. • Put the public first. • Take responsibility. • Be honest. • Never say “No comment.” • Designate a single spokesperson. • Set up a central information center (staging area). • Provide a constant flow of information. • […]

Mastering the Phone Interview — Take it Seriously…

[To comment:] …and dress the part — especially if you are facetiming or skyping. The Sunday, March 24 “Courier-Post” in partnership with “” urges the interviewee to “be prepared and focused to make the best impression.” Check out previous blogs about going video. As one expert suggests, if on Skpe, “don’t get caught with your […]

More Interview Prep: Top questions for interviews

[To comment:] Variations of these questions are most likely to be asked during a job interview, according to ‘’ and Gannett News Service. Do not hesitate to visit>student resources.handouts for many more interview and resume tips. What are your goals? What are your weaknesses? Why did you leave your last job? What was your greatest […]

Resume guide: 3 tips from ‘’ to make your resume standout

[To comment:] Interview with Paddy Hirsch Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 6, 2013 STORY Link to podcast is below: On Friday, the Labor Department will report its latest monthly jobs report, which will reveal how many jobs were added in February and whether the unemployment rate budged from 7.9 percent. If you are […]

Internships become the new job requirement

[To] While some university programs no longer require internships, students are urged to pursue them. Here is a March 4, 2013 report from: The numbers speak for themselves. This links you to the podcast and story: (copy and paste if link is not working properly) By the time most kids are in […]