July Fourth prep for dog lovers — Tips to avoid dogs’ firework frenzy

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This advice comes from Associated Press writer Sue Manning. You can find the entore story in the Courier-Posthttp://www.courierpostonline.com/viewart/20130704/NEWS05/307040030/Fourth-July-fireworks-rattle-dogs

Here are the tips:

Experts say you can prevent a personal doggie drama from becoming a tragedy by taking some simple steps:
• Take a walk and wear your dog out before sundown.
• Plan on staying home with your pet when fireworks shows are scheduled nearby.
• Close the doors and windows, turn on the television, music, fans and any other noisy devices to try and drown out the noise and percussion of the explosions.
• Just sit with the dog. Don’t force cuddling because fear can turn some animals aggressive. Have treats available but most dogs won’t eat through fireworks.
• Leaving a dog in a crate or cage may not protect it. Dogs can chip their teeth and break their nails on cages.
• If a pet doesn’t have a microchip or an ID tag with updated information, get that before the fireworks start.

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More on Miss New Jersey 2013

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Hello everyone…

As many are aware, I was honored to be among the six judges for this year’s Miss Newsey pageant. A fellow judge Dr. Hilary Leavey Friedman blogs regularly. Below is a link to a related blog. I could not say it better. Please read it and feel free to react/respond. Each judge, acting independently, and Marie Nicholes and her committee deserve incredible kudos. That committee puts in endless hours to make the Miss New Jersey Pageant a huge success. Here is Hilary’s blog:


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Miss New Jersey

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Hello everyone…

I have just returned from judging the 2013 Miss New Jersey Pageant in Ocean City. Wow, what a special event. Too often the public takes pageants and judging for granted. Well, not in this case. For the six judges, three from New Jersey and one each from Hawaii, Massachusetts and New York, it was labor intensive. Except for a few hours Friday, it was all work all the time from Wednesday afternoon until late into Saturday evening. Except for one brief discussion session, each judge votes on every category every time independently without any discussion — evening during lunch and dinner. We were closely scrutinized and self-disciplined. Each might have his or her own criteria and that is how they voted. It was an excellent mix of opinions and criteria.

For me, this was educational. The longer the preliminaries continued, the more I learned. In the end, I know Miss New Jersey 2013, like 2012 (Rowan University’s Lindsey Petrosh), possesses the characteristics of a Miss America. We all wish Cara McCollum the very best. Bring home the crown. How cool would that be with the pageant returning to Atlantic City where it belongs?

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Can Smartphones be bad for your joints?

Can Smartphones be bad for your Joints? This was sent to me by:

Specialized Physical Therapy, LLC

1919 Greentree Road, Suite B

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

P: 856-424-0993

F: 856-424-0994


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Smartphones are an essential part of the new world that we live in. They help boost productivity and enable us to stay connected. On the flip side, excessive use of smartphones can cause a variety of problems. Neck pain, back pain, and tenderness in the joints of the hands can at times, be attributed to excessive use of smartphones. In fact, ‘text neck‘ is a phrase that’s used to describe headaches, shoulder pain and arm pain due to excessive text messaging.

Individuals who spend hours slouched on the couch using their phones for texting, emailing, or even gaming tend to experience the most discomfort. This can also lead to constant pain in the thumbs and wrists due to inflammation of the tendons. This is a condition called De Quervains disease. Physical therapy offers a number of treatment options for patients with this type of joint pain and inflammation.

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Resume’ Keywords — help you stand out in the crowd

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Effective resumes take more than the best paper, eye-catching fonts and proper formatting. As writer and blogger Debra auerbach write in Sunday’s (June 2, 2013) Courier-Post, it takes keywords.

Here is a comprehensive list — many of which are in Chapter 6 of The Public Relatins Practitioner’s Playbook for (all) Strategic Communicators. Many are action verbs. Others are self-descriptive words. research proves, keywords do work.

Here is my list thanks to the Internet and my books:

Action Verbs…

accelerated activated adapted administered analyzed
approved assisted completed conceived conduced
controlled coordinated created delegated developed
directed eliminated established evaluated expanded
expedited experienced expanded facilitated generated
implemented improved increased influenced initiated
interpreted launched lead lectured maintained
managed mastered motivated organized originated
participated performed pinpointed planned prepared
programmed proposed proved recommended reduced
reinforced revamped reviewed revised scheduled
set-up simplified solved streamlined structured
supervised supported taught trained worked
removed reorganized repeated responsible

Self-descriptive Words…

accurately active adaptable adept aggressive
alert ambitious analytical assertive astute
attentive aware broad-minded challenging competent
conscientious consistent constructive contributor creative
dependable determined diplomatic disciplined discreet
diverse dynamic easily economical efficient
energetic enterprising enthusiastic exceptional experienced
expertise extensively extraverted facilitator fair
forceful foresight high-level honest imaginative
independent initiative innovative instrumental insightful
leading logical loyal mature methodical
objective optimistic participated perceptive personable
pioneering pleasant positive practical productive

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