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Getting Ahead

[To comment:] Just could not pass this up. I have to share it with you. This ran in The Philadelphia Inquirer on Monday, Aug. 1, 2016 (yes, that’s tomorrow). It specifically deals with fashion design, but I find it applicable to strategic communication, public relations and marketing. The source: Ann Burton, Wolfgang Harbor, in […]

College care packages

[To comment:] Nine in 10 college students still want snail mail even in the digital age. That, according to Ricoh Quick Query/Harris Poll survey of 2,053 Americans ages 18-65. Also credit USA Today  and staffers Terry Byrne and Veronica Bravo. [To comment:] [ buy viagra woman | free herbal viagra samples | discount viagra […]

Tips for developing your personal brand

[To comment:] CareerBuilder’s Matt Tarpey offers these tips: Identify your passion Prepare an elevator speech (See Larry Litwin’s The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook and The ABCs of Strategic Communication when you are ready to craft YOUR elevator speech. Books available via Network, network, network Get your name out there More advice on personal branding is available in […]

10 worst-paying college majors

[To comment:] According to, these are the 10 worst-paying college majors during 2014-2015 with starting salary and mid-career salary: Exercise science = $32,000/$51,000 Horticulturalist = $35,200/$50,900 Animal science = $33,600/$55,200 Music = $35,700/$51,400 Biblical studies = $35,400/$50,800 Child and family studies = $30,300/$37,200 Culinary arts = $34,800/$51,000 Photography = $36,200/$55,500 Social work = […]

Intern to employee

[To comment:] According to Accenture Strategy — a survey of 1,001 college graduates from 2013-2014 — 47 percent say their internship led to a job. That number is trending up — especially for communication majors. [To comment:] [ viagra chemical structure | viagra soft tabs | cialis online without prescription | viagra online […]