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8 Red Flags employers see on your resume’

[To comment:] Thank you to Jessie Liu from THEJOBNETWORK.COM for this. Jessie is a career advice journalist who investigates and writes about current strategies, tips and trending topics related to all stages of one’s career. Her entire article may be accessed via THEJOBNETWORK.COM. After reading the article, I ask these question: Why does your resume get recycled […]

Take advantage of the power of a great story

[To comment:] From the National School Public Relations Association — of which I have been a long-time member — comes this information about story telling and its value: Stories create trust We pay more attention to a story We connect stories to our own lives Stories break down walls of misunderstanding Stories help parents […]

Landing your next promotion

[To comment:] These suggestions come from and Deanna Hartley Start the conversation before even accepting a job Have career-development discussions Make the most of your performance review Be prepared to show your expanding skills and value Visit for details and many more suggestions. [To comment:] [ women viagra | buy real […]

Making your resume ATS (applicant tracking system) – friendly

[To comment:] BY MATT TARPEY (From the Courier-Post – Sunday, July 16, 2017) CAREERBUILDER When looking for candidates to potentially fill an open position, the majority of employers use something called an applicant tracking system (ATS) to find, collect, organize and screen all of the applications they receive. This means your resume will likely need to […]

Recovering from a bad interview

[To comment:]’s Sarah Sipek writes in detail about interview follow-ups.  Look for the entire article online or visit the Courier-Post Sunday, July 9 edition, page 16 C. In addition, contains many “handouts” on resumes and interview techniques. Here are Sipek’s key points: Send a thank-you note Ask for a second chance Don’t grovel Reflect Conduct mock […]

6 Tips to help you get promoted

[To comment:] From: Dale Carnegie Training Newsletter By Anita Zinsmeister, PresidentDale Carnegie® Training of Central & Southern New Jersey  Word count for this issue: 589 Approximate time to read: 2.4 minutes @ 250 words per minute  16 Mistakes Employees Make When Trying To Get A Promotion.           Executive Summary:  Transitioning into a management position is never a simple process; however, the […]

Why it is crucial to use key words (keywords) in your resume

[To comment:] (From CareerBuilder’s Deanna Hartley in the May 12, 2017 Courier-Post.) Research and identify keywords to highlight Master the art of sprinkling keywords throughout your resume Remember that context is key [To comment:] [ viagra young men | buy viagra in canada | buy viagra china | prescription cialis | citrate salt […]

Looking for a job? Stay positive and productive

[To comment:] From’s Lily Martis comes this: Whether you left a job because you hated it or you left because you were let go, it is tough to be in between jobs. These important productive steps should help you return to the workplace: Stick to a schedule Tap professional resources Set specific goals Develop […]

‘Soft Skills’ can set YOU apart

[To comment:] As Sarah Sipek of “CareerBuilder” writes in the Courier-Post, technical or hard skills are essential qualifications for a job, but “soft skills” focus on how you interact with others. For details visit Here are the headings: Communication Ability to handle criticism Attention to detail Positive attitude Time management [To comment:]   […]

Turn social situations into networking

[To comment:] From comes this advice thanks to Deanna Hartley (Courier-Post Feb. 12, 2017) Start with these tips to turn any social situation into a networking opportinuty: Proactively seek out opportunities Look for opportunities while traveling Mingle at conferences Find ways to add value to others When you meet a stranger, strive to engage in authentic […]