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College grads’ gowns going green — The future is now

USA Today ran the following on Friday, May 27, 2011. Wendy Koch gets the byline. To comment: Some students are picking up diplomas in gowns made from recycled plastic bottles (they’re actually quite soft), and others are using ones made from wood pulp. More than 250 institutions have ordered the attire this year from […]

Being Ready For A Crisis

Worth checking out. These are the plays from CHAPTER 14 of “The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook.” Check out book availability on To comment: PR Play 14-1 Three Rules of Damage Control 1. Get information out early. • Respond within 2-4 hours – if only as an acknowledgment that you are on top of […]

Anne Klein’s Commencement Address at Rowan University

Public relations counselor Anne Klein offered Rowan University’s graduate students valuable advice as part of her commencement address on May 12. Watch the intro and remarks via YouTube. Anne is a longtime Rowan friend. She was founding professional advisor to the Public Relations Student Society of America and served in that position for more than […]

Critical Thinking — We have to do more of it

To comment: There are various ways to analyze the quality of a news story. This involves “critical thinking.” Think of it as the focusing ring on a camera that brings the image into sharp focus. Critical Thinking  Why does the story matter? What’s the Point? What does it sayabout Life? What does it say […]

Tips from Steps to Good Health

To comment: Steps to Good Health [] offers these four steps: Do your exercise in the morning. Adults who sip on two cups of skim or low-fat milk daily can lose weight. Did you know that skipping breakfast is a weight-loss non-no? Avoid nonorganic produce. To comment: [ viagra warnings | viagra discount […]