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Resume guide: 3 tips from ‘’ to make your resume standout

March 10, 2013
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[To comment:] Interview with Paddy Hirsch Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 6, 2013 STORY Link to podcast is below: …Read the Rest

Ragen’s PR daily says ‘Stop the madness! Rules for using the exclamation point’

February 2, 2013
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[To comment:] You too may subscribe to this RSS feed. Go for it at: A recent study reported on PR Daily found …Read the Rest

A Public Affairs chief’s views of her profession — Public Relations in the Air Force

December 9, 2012
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Earlier this fall, my Introduction to Public Relations students interviewed strategic communication professionals. Casey Kelly has given permission to reprint …Read the Rest

Al Neuharth: Can ‘old’ newspapers remain relevant?

October 21, 2012
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[To comment:] USA TODAY celebrates its 30th birthday anniversary this weekend (Sept. 15, 2012). The Nation’s Newspaper first was …Read the Rest

From EZ Texting dot com

October 14, 2012
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To comment: offers these statistics on SMS (texting). Contact info is: SMS Marketing Specialist: (800) 753-5732. 95 – 98% of text …Read the Rest

Social media sites and applying for jobs — Beware

May 6, 2012

To comment: CareerBuilder’s Debra Auerbach gets into social media in Sunday’s (May 6, 2012) Courier-Post. She says, “Social media have …Read the Rest

Public Communication Strategies for School Election Success

March 25, 2012
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To comment: This was delivered to the New York School Public Relations chapter on March 26, 2012. Please check …Read the Rest

Skype interview – Another case of ‘The Future is Now’

October 9, 2011
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My Rowan University students have been asking me about skype interview prep. Here are some tips compiled from a variety …Read the Rest

‘PR News’ talks to Pepsi exec about social media

August 14, 2011
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From PR News comes this Q&A on public relations and social media. To comment: PR News Q&A With Bonin …Read the Rest