Rhyan Truett named Litwin Family Medallion Recipient

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On Sunday, May 5, 2013, Rowan University’s Public Relations Student Society of America hosted its annual Spring Gala — Graduation Dinner. Among award recipients was graduating senior Rhyan Truett of Pittsgrove, NJ. Rhyan was chsoen for the Litwin Family Gold Medallion for Outstanding Strategic Writing. Here is my intro for this special individual:

Nancy, my sisters Janice and Eileen…and I are thrilled to present this year’s Litwin Family Medallion for “Outstanding Strategic Writing” to a student…who not only meets all of the criteria but far exceeds them…

Grade Point Average = 3.982

  • Has extensive Community, College and

University service and…

  • “Outstanding, persuasive, strategic and

objective-oriented writing that drives audiences to the desired “Call to Action.”

In a nut graph, this medallion recognizes THEeee “Outstanding Strategic Writer” among all public relations seniors.

It is worth noting…I did not judge. Those who did…point out that while all those considered had excellent credentials, our recipient…is simply outstanding in EVERY facet.

We have had incredible recipients over the years. But this year’s recipient is unique – unlike any other.

This is intro is longer than most of my previous intro and for good reason. It tells a story.

In Spring 2012 I walked into Room 131 – the Writing lab and sitting there in the second seat… right in front of me…was a student I had only briefly known through being her adviser. I was impressed at that FIRST and…at the time…ONLY advisement session and said to myself, like many others, THIS is a student with a bright future. To quote Professor Fulginiti, she was poised, articulate, professionally dressed… in business attire – for an advisement session – and came across … again quoting Tony…mature beyond her years.

Before that first Basic Writing class was finished, I discovered…this student appeared to be an outstanding strategic and critical thinker. Her first assignment was error free, as were her second, third and much more difficult…in-class- assignment number four.

Her writing had been flawless. I had never before experienced this. Finally, on assignment number five, a more complicated News Feature Release, I was able to mark it up in red. Oh, just one red mark. I knew – before long – I had before me…the makings of the best strategic writing student I have ever had – and I’ve had nearly two thousand. Many were GREAT writers – even in college and have gone on to wonderfully successful careers. But this student was even better. Yes, she was unique.

That same quality continued throughout Advanced Public Relations Writing. Her brochure and her team’s Annual Report were quintessential. They established new benchmarks.

Well, you get the idea. I was so thrilled when she applied for the medallion…and I wish for her… what I wish for all of YOU, that you take your talents and achieve your life’s ambitions. For this year’s recipient, it is to work for a National Hockey League team, after she receives her master’s degree in sports management.

Please join me in congratulating the 2013… Litwin Family Medallion Recipient…Rhyan Truett.

I would like Rhyan’s Mom (Dawn) to come up here, too.

Mrs. Truett…we have a little something for you – your own Gold Medal. You deserve it.

I’ve had to deal with Rhyan for only a year and a half. She is a whirlwind. Labor intensive is an understatement. She wears me out on a regular basis.

I cannot imagine what she’s like at home. For that, I present you this. Nance and I thank you for giving us and Rowan, Rhyan. I know you are proud.

Congratulations to you both!!!

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