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Public Speaking — 4 Ways to Own the Room During Your Next Presentation

October 29, 2017
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[To comment:] This comes to you thanks to Dale Carnegie and Inc: By Jordan Scheltgen      Jordan is Co-founder and …Read the Rest

Tips to Succeed: Marketing yourself online

September 24, 2017
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[To comment:] From Larry’s More ABCs of Strategic Communication (check it out on the website)… 1. Don’t lie – …Read the Rest

Techniques to Succeed: The 30-3-30 Principle

September 17, 2017

[To comment:] From Larry’s More ABCs of Strategic Communication (check it out on the website)… Copy should always be …Read the Rest

How to get a job without connections

September 10, 2017
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[To comment:] We thank for this piece, which appeared in the Courier-Post on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017. BY PETER JONES THEJOBNETWORK.COM Networking …Read the Rest

From a legend: these strategic communication principles

August 27, 2017
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[To comment:] Larry Litwin’s The Public Relations Practitioner’s Playbook for (all) Strategic Communicators contains dozens of important tips that assure effective …Read the Rest

Landing your next promotion

August 6, 2017
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[To comment:] These suggestions come from and Deanna Hartley Start the conversation before even accepting a job Have …Read the Rest

From NSPRA – Tips to help staff connect with more parents

July 30, 2017
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[To comment:] From the National School Public Relations Associations comes these suggestions: Hold an in-service training session on working …Read the Rest

A potpourri – From ‘USA Today’

July 23, 2017
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[To comment:] Some “USA Snapshots” from USA Today. It gets full credit. 41 percent of Americans cannot tell the difference …Read the Rest

Recovering from a bad interview

July 16, 2017
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[To comment:]’s Sarah Sipek writes in detail about interview follow-ups.  Look for the entire article online or visit the Courier-Post Sunday, …Read the Rest

6 Tips to help you get promoted

June 18, 2017
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[To comment:] From: Dale Carnegie Training Newsletter By Anita Zinsmeister, PresidentDale Carnegie® Training of Central & Southern New Jersey  Word count …Read the Rest