Keys to crafting a winning proposal

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This appeared in the Courier Post on March 13, 2016…

Proposals are both a sales document and the basis of what’s going to be your contract or agreement. So, you need to entice the customer without misrepresenting what you are going to be able to deliver. In summary, here’s how:

  • Be clear on the client’s needs
  • Ask if the client has a budget in mind
  • Create a proposal template
  • Cut and paste “boilerplate” content
  • List all deliverables
  • Be absolutely clear on fees and payment terms
  • Consider a brief PowerPoint presentation

“Finally,” Abrams says, “be brief and make your proposal look good. Most proposals for consulting work need only be one to three pages long, and make your proposal and supporting documents look professional and polished. The quality of your proposal should reflect your quality of work.

To comment: larry at larry litwin dot com]