Must-Ask interview questions

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Another in’s “Stand Out from the Crowd series focuses on six important questions. Copyright prevents me from including the entiore article. Do not hesitate to link to

Here is the “tease” from Joe Turner’s in today’s The Philadelphia Inquirer Page D8:

Interviewing can be a gut-wrenching process. Most books on how to interview list hundreds of questions you need to be ready to answer. but few talk about questions you need to ask.

Take more control at your next interview by asking some pointed questions of your own. Here are six must-ask questions and why you should know the answers (the whys are on the link). Also, be sure to check out Numbers 30 and 23 under Handouts on

1. What happened to the person who previously did this job? (If a new position: How has this job been performed in the past?)

2. Why did you choose to work here? What keeps you here?

3. What is the first problem the person you hire must attend to?

4. What can you tell me about the individual to whom I would report?

5. What are the company’s five-year sales and profit projections?

6. What’s our next step?

As Turner says, “As a job seeker, the key to a good interview is to find out as much about your potential employer as possible.”

He says that asking these six questions will make you appear more committed as a candidate and give you better insight into both challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead for you.

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