Tips to Succeed:Dressing for work

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This “Tip” and dozens of others come from Larry Litwin’s The ABCs of Strategic Communication (available on www dot larry litwin dot com).


  •      If you are looking for a classic suit:

Gray, blue or black suit with a white dress shirt.

  •      Do not experiment with the color of the shirt; you can add color

through the tie.

  •      Ties can have a simple pattern with basic colors like blue, gold or


  •      Do not wear pastels or try the monochromatic shirt and tie

look if you’re meeting someone, like a hiring

manager or a client, for the first time.

  •      Stay away from tan-colored suits or bold pin stripes.


     Women have more options when dressing for work than men. Pay

attention to four key items: fit, accessories, color and style.

  • Fit – Do your clothes fit properly? It doesn’t matter how expensive

an item is – if it is too tight or too big, it isn’t going to look good

on you.

  • Accessories – Are your accessories too big, too bold or too bright?

Your accessories should be good-quality items that add to your

outfit without overpowering it.

  • Color – Are you wearing clothing that is noticed because of its

color? Darker colors convey more authority than lighter ones.

Bright colors can “shout,’ and you should decide whether you want

to shout or not.

  • Style – Are your clothes very stylish or part of the latest fashion

trend? If so, they will be noticed.This may be appropriate for your

social life but less so for work.

Credit: Neil Rosenthal – Owner – Executive Clothiers and Barbara Pachter – Pachter & Associates – Cherry Hill, N.J

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