Fashion choices for workplace

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Although we are moving into fall, store this blog away for warmer weather — and keep its basics in mind.

When temperatures climb, workers wrestle with finding the middle ground between cool summer clothing and appropriate work attire.

Here is a summer fashion refresher for women:

• Show respect with how you dress at the office. Social skills are 75 percent of what determines a person’s success in business. Those skills include knowing how to dress.

• Business casual should be a mix of both. Pressed khakis and a crisp shirt are a better choice than a T-shirt and jeans.

• Beachwear such as flip-flops, tank tops, short skirts and shorts are not appropriate for the office.

• Women should choose sandals with straps over the flip-flops. Shoes should be closed-toed and beware of backless shoes that make an annoying clap-clap-clap sound when you walk.

• Do not wear sleeveless shirts, but if you have to wear one, pick a nice-looking sleeveless shell that can be worn under a jacket in case you need to look formal, fast.

• Other shirts that should be banned on most professionals: Shirts with spaghetti straps and anything that shows cleavage or bare

• Your skirt should not be more than a dollar bill’s width above

your knee.

Source: Leah Ingram – Author – The Everything Etiquette Book: A Modern Day Guide to

Good Manners and Gannett News Service

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