Tips for the Job Hunter

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Get the word out and tell people you are looking. Include former colleagues at every place you have ever worked, fellow members in clubs and business groups, former classmates, friends, neighbors and people at your house of worship.

Help others. Reach out if you learn of a job that might be a good match for someone else.

Press the flesh. Find ways to interact with other people at least five times a week. Attend meetings of professional groups. Go to parties. Hit the gym. Volunteer.

Print business cards with your name and contact information and hand them out to people you meet.

Set up a designated job search area in your home. You must have a phone with voice mail or an answering machine, a computer with Internet access and a good filing system.

Keep your energy up through exercise, healthy eating and meditation.

Ask other people for advice, even if they cannot offer you a job. Most folks genuinely want to help.

Set yourself apart from the pack. You might stop by to visit former clients and deliver a copy of your resume in person. Do not rely solely on the Internet to apply for jobs.

Use social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook to keep in touch. Show discretion, as prospective employers may be watching.

Follow up. Send thank you notes. If you do not get the job, ask what qualifications were the deciding factor for the person who was hired.

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