Take on an internship

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From the pages of “The Philadelphia Inquirer” comes this tip from “The Inky Tip Jar”:

Internships are excellent opportunities for students, recent graduates and jobseekers looking to test their skills in the real world, gain first-hand experience and insight into a company or career, and netowk with professionals in their field.

Internships vary in length, but most are a three-month (120 hour) commitment and at Rowan University that would be worth three credits.

While many are unpaid — in fact, most — students not only receive academic credit, but can parlay that experience into their first professional job. Some internships come with travel and/or housing stipends and/or job placement following the intership period, according to “The Inquirer.”

Look for internships at www.philly.com/jobs. Enter keyword “internship” in the “Find a New Job” search tool.

If you are a Rowan student, be certain to follow procedures by first visit No. 73 on www.larrylitwin.com>student resources>handouts.

Good luck.

[To comment: larry@larrylitwin.com.]